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The Podcast will be launched to help children ages 5-12 build their self-esteem and celebrate the good in their lives

Please check our My Values Journal It is intended to help establish and refine a child’s personal values through a series of daily interactive writing exercises, which parents can participate in as well.

The new “My Values Journal” contains stories, inspirational quotes, illustrations, and activities to help kids explore topics like morality, personal interests, and aspirations for the future. These activities can be completed at a child’s own pace or on an as-needed basis. For example, when a child makes a mistake, the journal encourages them to explore the consequences of that mistake and to learn from it through targeted writing exercises.

As opposed to books which seek to guide children through narrative, this journal promotes a level of engagement that traditional texts cannot achieve. Some activities in the “My Values Journal” see children drawing their experiences; others have them writing in response to a prompt. This varied experience keeps children thinking about the topics for far longer than they would otherwise do.

We are parents too, and we wanted to create this journal so that kids of all ages can grow up to be good human beings with high self-esteem and a positive outlook on life. My Values Journal will help you teach your kids the value of hard work, honesty, compassion, self-belief, learning from mistakes and many other important values in life.