Use This Mental Health Journal To Cultivate Your Kids’ Confidence & Self Esteem

 As a parent, it's normal to worry about your kids and to wonder if you're equipping them with everything they need to thrive as a grown-up.

After all, the values, behaviours, and beliefs they learn now have a profound impact on their futures. With this in mind, childhood personal development brand My Values Journal has created a signature journal. The book aimed at kids aged five and up, encourages your children to develop strong personal attributes and values so they can grow up to be good human beings.

My Values Journal is a parent-owned company that creates personal development and self-improvement products for children. In addition to their signature journal, they also offer workbook bundles that help kids build selflessness, compassion, and determination.

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Research shows that many of a person’s beliefs, behaviours, and personality traits are formed as early as age seven. This conditioning can inform how you behave in adulthood - impacting everything from careers and relationships to how you navigate adversity. To equip your children with the skills to thrive, the journal includes writing prompts that encourage kids to think about how they want to think and behave when they grow up.

Suitable for both girls and boys, the journal features colourful illustrations and stories that are designed to engage and inspire young minds. Inside, your kids will find many interactive exercises that cultivate values such as compassion and hard work. They are shown how to integrate these values into everyday life.

The journal also contains inspiring quotes and guidance on mental health activities, such as meditation and mindfulness. Throughout, your kids will learn how to develop high self-esteem, build confidence, and learn from their mistakes.

Explaining the benefits of using this journal, a company spokesperson says, “You can never be certain if you’re teaching your child to be a decent, kind, confident, and well-rounded person. My Values Journal will teach your kids the value of hard work, honesty, compassion, self-belief, learning from mistakes and many other important values in life in a way that feels easy and fun."

"This journal equips them with the values and attributes they need to navigate life as an adult,” they added.

As a parent, your job is to shape your child's mind and prepare them for the future. My Values Journal is the perfect way to give them a little extra guidance.

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