Top Mental Health Journal For Kids 5-12 Has Guided Activities & Inspiring Quotes

Author Christina Baldwin once said, "Journaling is a voyage to the interior." True as the quote may be, it can sometimes take a bit of prodding to get people, especially children, to journal. My Values Journal is changing that!

Their innovative mindfulness journal gives your child the chance to participate in guided activities and contemplate inspiring stories, illustrations, and quotes. The purpose of the journal is to encourage them to be creative and confident and to help them grow up to be positive, honest, and compassionate members of society.

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The Research

A 2020 study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that children who write by hand show significantly more brain activity than children who type on a keyboard. Audrey van der Meer, the professor who led the study, believes this is because “[writing] gives the brain more hooks to hang memories on.” With its mindfulness journal, My Values Journal aims to provide your child with a similar experience.

The Journal

The My Values Journal is a short but bountiful journal filled with activities, stories, illustrations, and quotes designed to teach your child the value of honesty, hard work, compassion, and several other important qualities. The journal is narrated by a group of friendly cartoon characters meant to reflect the diversity of the children using the book.

The journal is available in both physical and PDF formats; however, My Values Journal recommends that if you get the PDF version you print it out for your child, as getting them to practice their reading and writing skills yields better results. Furthermore, providing them with something physical to be responsible for gives them a sense of ownership and pride in what they are doing.

Your child is encouraged to go through the My Values Journal at their own pace and in whatever order they prefer. They can also complete the activities on their own or with you, their siblings, other relatives, and friends.

The Benefits

By using the My Values Journal your child should see an improvement in their creativity, imagination, confidence, and attention, amongst many other traits. Relationships with classmates, neighbours, friends, siblings, and relatives also tend to get stronger because qualities like empathy and compassion are emphasized throughout the journal.

The Proof

“The My Values Journal is truly exceptional,” said a satisfied parent. “My son, who often struggles with self-doubt and places immense pressure on himself, has become noticeably more relaxed and self-assured. Since going through the journal, he has started sharing his achievements at school with me, indicating a positive shift in his mindset.”

The Supplements

If your child has completed the journal and is looking for their next experience, My Values Journal sells a few supplementary bundles meant to reinforce some of the teachings in the journal. The bundles concentrate on specific qualities, such as compassion, determination, and selflessness, and adhere to a similar aesthetic and format as the journal. These bundles are also available for purchase on the My Values Journal Website.

About My Values Journal

My Values Journal was created by a group of invested parents who wanted to see their children develop into good human beings. Although the company is based in the United Kingdom, it sends and ships its products to customers from around the world.

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