Illustrative Children’s Activity Journal Teaches Your Kid The Value Of Hard Work

Allow your kids to discover the best of themselves with the My Values Journal!

The journal offers a variety of activities to help your child establish their personal values. The journal comes in both physical and PDF format and the activities can be completed daily or at your child’s own pace.

My Values Journal helps your child consider topics like morality, mistakes, and aspirations through engaging content, with the ultimate goal of having them become confident and optimistic human beings.

Research shows that journaling at a young age not only improves a child’s writing and communication skills but also helps them develop self-awareness and a deeper connection to themselves. Through self-reflection and evaluation, children also better understand the perspectives of others. Journaling also affords children a private space to explore their imagination and nurture their creativity, both of which are important tools for growth.

Unlike traditional narrative children’s books, My Values Journal lets your child recreate their own experiences. The journal features a cast of fun and relatable characters who help guide your child on their journey. Along the way, your child interacts with a series of stories, inspirational quotes, illustrations, and activities all designed to help them search for deeper meaning - so let them grow emotionally through play!

The diversity of activities in the My Values Journal ensures that your child will think about topics for far longer than they otherwise would. Embracing a different exercise each day keeps things fresh and exciting, and makes it more likely your child will retain the information.

My Values Journal was created by a group of parents who wanted to see their children grow up to be good adults. They decided to share their product with other parents around the world so they could help their children achieve the same outcomes.

In addition to My Values Journal, the team also offers a range of supplemental materials including the "My Compassion," "My Determination," and "My Selfless Service" bundles. They also have a "My Values Journal" podcast scheduled for launch in 2023.

“I’ve watched my daughter journal religiously in her ‘My Values Journal’ and her emotional development over that time has been staggering,” said a satisfied parent. “As parents, we often want to thrust our morals and values onto our children, which is fine, but I think there’s an even greater benefit in children coming to some of those realizations themselves. I’ve certainly noticed it with my daughter.”

Start your child on their journaling story with My Values Journal!


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